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Release, Relax, Unwind

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                     How Massage Found Me

In 2001 I was working at a local restaurant as a manger. A coworker mentioned she was interested in attending massage school, but as a minor, she needed a parent or guardian to accompany her. She signed up for the orientation class three times, but her mom never followed through with taking her to the orientation.  My coworker came to work in tears after the third time her mom didn't show up, so I offered to be her "guardian" for the upcoming orientation.

The orientation was a life changing experience, I left that weekend class and never looked back.  HeIping people reconnect with their bodies, diminishing tension in their muscles or just creating a chance for relaxation in their hectic daily lives brings me joy as a practitioner. I am honored every time someones comes into my space and chooses to take care of themselves.



While I see the benefit of society's technological advancements (cell phones, laptops, etc), I believe it has moved us into our hands and heads, and out of touch with our bodies. Part of my goal as a practitioner is to get the whole body working in unison again. 

I do this by listening to peoples needs and taking an approach that is informed by what each client tells me, as well as a deep intuition about what the client's body is showing me. 


Every client is different and each session with a repeat client can present new challenges. Continuing education classes provide me with an array tools that I need to be an effective practitioner. 




  Brian Utting School of Massage                2001-2003

  Reiki  I and II - Daisy Thompson                2012

  Sundust Oracle Institute                            2017-On going

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

 Lao Tzu  


My practice focuses on restorative healing
while resetting the nervous system through gentle and intentional touch. 

I'm no longer taking new deep tissue massage clients.


Cash, check or Zelle

To book a soul retrieval or rights of passage please contact me directly by phone or email.

60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage




2366 Eastlake Ave East

Seattle, WA 98102

Tel: 206 - 399 - 8051

If you arrive early, please proceed to the third floor waiting room located directly above my suite.

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60 Minute Reiki Session


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